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This service is intended to provide an outlook of the person through Indian Vedic Astrology. We give personalized free prediction report that will describe in general the physical attributes, nature, mental status and character of the person.

This is one of the important services, we offer with no obligations. The user will have to provide the details of their birth in the form provided. We would like to inform the users an important difference between our site and other Astrology websites. Generally, astrology sites offer automated service and the reports are generated by a preset system. In our site, every case is individually analyzed; reports are prepared and sent to the user. Though this a service takes time and energy on our side, we intend to provide a real good service to our users, as we respect the divine art of Astrology and believe that the user will be benefited by reading our reports.

To get the near perfect intuitive prediction, we encourage the users to utilize the paid services to clarify their specific queries.

We request the users to provide true details of a person and not to misuse this service - as lots of man working hours is involved in generating these reports.

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