Astrology is one of the ancient arts based on the science of planetary movements. Tens of thousands of years back, our ancestors had the ability to cast the birth chart of humans at the time of birth and thereupon, forecast the general events, growth and personality of the person. When you look at the subject astrology from a macro level, it is simple mathematics; but the forecasting and interpretation of the chart depends exclusively on the abilities of the astrologer.


When we talk about astrology, though the fundamental methods of casting the chart is the same throughout the world, the ways and methods of forecasting and interpreting the chart differs from region to region across the world. We can mainly classify the methods into two major categories as western astrology and eastern astrology. Again, though the forecasting methods differ, the final results of the forecast more or less match each other.


The person, who wants to know the future events of his life, should provide accurate details with respect to the date, the time and the place of birth. Based on these details, the birth chart is cast. The birth chart of a person is like a rubberstamp impression containing the details of different planets, planetary conjunctions and planetary aspects. On the outlook, the chart may look like a simple table of contents, where as in an astrologer's view, this gives complete information about the person with respect to his physical appearance, mental status, nature of the person and the trend of the events in the past as well as the future. An efficient astrologer would develop a sense of intuitive predictions logically based on the planetary positions in the chart.


The western astrology is mainly based on the movements of the planet Sun, where as the eastern astrology, particularly, Indian Vedic Astrology is mainly based on the movements of the Moon and the Sun within a day. So, Indian Vedic Astrology is considered to be more precise and accurate in casting the chart.


In olden days, the astrologers manually calculated and cast the chart. Today technology has enabled development of various software applications to cast a chart in few seconds. Until this point of casting the chart, it is simple mathematics and then on it is clearly the proficiency and ability of the astrologer to forecast and predict the events and incidents accurately.


Through this website, we would like to provide accurate and clear predictions to the society, based on the Indian Vedic Astrology and henceforth we will concentrate only on Indian Vedic Astrology methods and explanations.


Indian Vedic Astrology believes in rebirth of humans depending on the Karma and Actions performed during their lifetime. Through this method we would be able to talk about the past life, past events in this life and a great deal of futuristic events and incidents accurately.


To enhance the accuracy of the predictions, Indian Vedic Astrology employs the power and nature of 27 stars along with the placement of moon in the chart. The date of birth is considered as the X-axis of a graph and the time of birth is considered as the Y-axis of the graph. When we intersect these two values, it gives rise to a common point, which is the main reference point of the person's astrological data. This reference point is called as 'Ascendant' or 'Lagna' in Indian Vedic Astrology. The entire chart depends on this reference point and this is the main base and platform for an astrologer to stand and look at the different aspects of the person. In Indian Vedic Astrology another parallel and a powerful reference point is also created and parallely referred.


The Moon's position based on one of the 27 stars' association is taken into consideration to create this reference point and in Indian Vedic Astrology this is called as 'Rashi'. According to Indian Vedic Astrology, Lagna and Rashi, both are very important and play a very vital role in describing the person's Physical attributes, Expected Longevity, Personal life and Mental Status, Nature, Intelligence and Decision-Making abilities respectively. Apart from these two points, the strength and weakness of individual planets are also considered. Moreover the planetary conjunctions and mutual aspects of planets play a very important role in the life of a person.


When we speak at length about Astrology, which is a common science, mostly everybody would be able to understand the concept of Astrology and even some can manually calculate and cast the chart. As an experiment, this may sound good and interesting; but in reality after casting the chart, the predictions become much more interesting and complicated.


As a science of logics, a brief study of planets and their positions can throw a limited knowledge and ability to predict the general nature of the chart. On the outlook, at a macro level, the general predictions depending on the Lagna and Rashi may be more or less correct and will suit the person. When it comes to answering the specific queries of the person, it becomes really very difficult and complicated for an Astrologer who lacks the intuitive abilities to forecast the events and incidents of the future. Though we mentioned earlier at many places that astrology is a science based on mathematics, it needs a further level of intuitive sense ahead of the normal science and mathematics.


Precisely here, a person of Godliness, Divine approach, impeccable clarity of intuition and finally a state of unbiased dedication towards this art of Astrology can alone make an excellent and powerful Astrologer. At the outset, an Astrologer can become very popular and accurate in his predictions only when he is blessed with a divine sense of intuition, knows to associate and interpret the intuition with the person?s chart with an un-biased attitude in expressing and forecasting the events and incidents. Moreover at this point, one more important criterion is to be met. The listener should readily cooperate mentally with the astrologer to bring out the best intuitive predictions based on the planetary positions and stars in the chart. The astrologer should be a person with spell bound clarity of thoughts, unbiased approach with penetrating communication skills to reach the nearly 100% perfect forecasting.

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